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We put our best foot forward daily to shield our customers from challenges paused by an uncertain economy on the highly capital-intensive construction and real estate industry.

A slowing economy means that demand for new projects in the real estate or construction realm goes down. An ambiguous economic environment means that capital is hard to come by and when it does come, it is usually expensively priced. This inflates construction costs and dim profitability prospects of many a construction or real estate projects.

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The master plan proposal entails the new presidential residences and its auxiliary facilities.


Clock Tower Suites is a new development of thirty-three apartment units and two penthouses at Mpaka Road, directly across the revamped Parklands Mosque.


Luxe Villas development comprises of 6 luxury villas that encompass 5 bed-rooms and a DSQ each.


Located in Riverside on Laikipia road, welcome to the River Royale Apartments; the new address for those who appreciate a lifestyle of quality and comfort.


Even in normal good conditions, contractors and real estate developers continually face obstacles in keeping up with the ever-changing building technologies and industry regulations. Time and again construction/real estate firms have had to dig deeper into their pockets to hire talent in a highly competitive market place and also to comply with industry regulations.

This is where Infinity Development comes in.

Since it is impossible to predict every aspect of the market or the economy, Infinity Development has in place a set of Tools, Expertise and Insights to help protect your business from such swings, twists and turns in the construction/real estate sector.

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Real Estate Services

Infinity Development has been providing real estate services and has a proven track record of managing all aspects of a real estate investment life cycle.
We offer an ALL-IN-ONE integrated solution which takes a project from start to finish, including DEVELOPMENT & BUILT-TO-SUIT services.
Infinity Development is best known for our great attention to detail, personal touch, and a ‘No Project is Too Small’ attitude. The relationships we have developed over the years and our ability to outperform our clients’ expectations has enabled us to continue to consistently grow year after year.


Our highly capable team represents an efficient balance of professional experience and expertise; focused on the creative and financial aspects of property construction and development. Our team has extensive knowledge of the local and regional market combined with long – standing relationships with land and commercial building owners, developers, and real estate users in the East African region and beyond. Due to our partnership-oriented approach,

we are able to efficiently manage and monitor a project through:
• Pre-design,
• Conceptual design,
• Design documentation,
• Construction documentation,
• Bid negotiations,
• Construction and Project close out


After understanding the needs, purpose, requirements and expectations of the client, our team of engineers and architects sit and brainstorm for hours to produce and bring to life a Perfect Model, Plan and Design for a property project.


We then take suggestions, reviews and further discuss this with the stakeholders to bring out further changes. This is followed by having the final design on paper ready along with all other legalities. After these extensive consultations, our work forces starts working on the actual construction phase and very efficiently strive to bring out the best in Class, Quality, and Standard construction as per our client at minimal of costs.

At Infinity, we are continually looking for ways to innovate our business by utilizing technology to improve our company and ultimately have our projects run as efficiently as possible.


It is important for us to deliver Innovative, Cost Effective results that are on time and that exceed expectations. We run leaner operations to reach sustainability and plan for long term profitability and growth with seasoned guidance. With our in-depth experience identifying and evaluating potential sites, creating budgets and carrying out complex construction and management tasks, we are a one-stop-shop for our every client’s need throughout the commercial construction process.


Being the seasoned and multi-disciplinary team, we are, our services for National and International developers include but are not limited to:

  • *  Strategic Site Selection– When choosing a site, we help manage any environmental considerations, soil investigations and drainage studies to ensure an optimal location for a facility. We also take into account availability of various utilities for the area, as well as provide an analysis of demographic and market information.
  • *  Construction and Development Management– We manage all of a client’s needs including selection of vendors, design budgeting, construction, close out, and move management, voice/data cabling, furniture, signage and procurement. We handle all the construction and development needs and make sure to keep a project on budget and on schedule. Infinity Development will take care of bids and sub-contracts develop life cycle, costing and help manage design needs.
  • *  Architectural Design /City Process Coordination– Site selection, zoning, platting, preliminary and final planning approvals, city council meetings, utility coordination, incentives, permitting, and coordination with all designers from schematic design through construction documents.  At this stage, a hard study of the selling product and how to make it a success is done.
  • *  Legal Consultancy– We share our knowledge and previous experiences on developments with our clients in order to better map the future of a development and ensure the overall success of a project.
  • *  Contract and Sale Negotiation– Our professional team provides independent representation and strategic advice for buying and selling a property. We Utilize all the avenues available to identify for purchase and or promote the sale of the property.
  • *  Permits and Studies– We assemble a highly skilled and experienced team and ensure the right people in their respective field are placed at a client’s disposal, as well as communication channels and guidelines of government departments in charge of state and municipal permits.
  • *  Construction– We fully understand the importance of adhering to high quality construction standards. The Quality of materials and finishes will not only be key elements for success, but they will be the foundation of any next development. Our quality is assured and guaranteed.
  • *  Marketing– We turn our client’s development into a product that is easy to sell. This assists our sales team in achieving their goals and penetrating the market and making sales. This is our main objective when planning, developing, branding and organizing marketing campaigns.
  • *  Financial Analysis– We conduct analysis that reinforce the viability of the development/project by having our finance team carry out ROI, Yield, Lease analysis, Draw coordination, Investment presentations, Tax segregation.
  • *  Scheduling/Estimating/Job Costing– We partake in Master scheduling of all phases, pre-construction estimating and job costing all through to completion to assure budgets are met.
  • *  Contract/Project Administration– We actively oversee the management of a contract with designers, vendors, contractors, requests for information, change order review, shop drawings, pay application review, punch list, close out.  We ensure that we are always on schedule and record the milestones achieved in each phase. This also ensures that all costs are accounted for and a strict regime following the budget is maintained.
  • *  LEED Construction– Infinity Development is a huge advocate for green construction in realization to cleaner, efficient and environmentally friendly constructions. We are Commercial contractors experienced in LEED certifications for shell/core and tenant finish, green construction practices, energy efficiency, rebate programs through utility programs, recycling programs, energy star ratings.
  • *  Tenant Finish– We are renowned for delivering built-to-suit products to our clients to meet their own unique and specific needs. Infinity Development Limited manages all phases of the process ranging from small tenant finish projects to multi-faceted projects of several million dollars.


Infinity Development Limited has become a force to reckon with in Real Estate development spheres in Kenya and East Africa by consistently demonstrating its ability to successfully develop mixed – use business parksindustrial facilitieshigh tech centresoffice buildings, and medical office facilities.


We bring an owner’s perspective and an expert’s knowledge to every new or expanding project, whether undertaking a build –to- suit assignment or a commercial project. Investors, developers, occupiers and operators must change and re-imagine their business models to account for the evolving ways people interact with the built environment. Incumbent and new entrants alike are using technology, advanced analytics and design thinking to reinvent the way space is acquired, developed, used and operated. Industry leaders are creating not only vibrant experiences and sustainable communities, but also new, highly profitable and enduring revenue streams.


We assist real estate leaders across the entire value chain to future proof portfoliosforge partnershipsdeliver major projects, and enhance the value of assets.


We apply extensive real estate expertise and a deep understanding of real estate intensive industries such as retail, healthcare, housing, technology and banking to everything we do.